You’ve got mail!

A quick post post before everything else gets crazy!

This week (perhaps later tonight or tomorrow) I’d be able to find out the results for a student exchange program I so determinedly applied for. I have been praying hard and hoping for that divine intervention that I need.

But just to uplift everyone’s nervous spirits (esp me), maybe I can place a smile on those faces as I let you view some photos I’ve taken a while ago…

If only letters were still the same….*sigh* Makes me remember ‘The Notebook’ and the scene moments away from the very intense and passionate scene. “I waited for you for seven years… I wrote you everyday for a year…” Rest is history heehee

This’d be my official wallet for god knows when (the apple juice has expired already)

+ + + I’ve been fancying hair accessories ever since the start of the February. When my sister cam back I was surprised to see her with a bunch of eccentric and most fashionable hats for SS!

You gotta show some looove for a stewardess headpiece! Nothings screams more reinvented-military and professional jet-setter than this!

Rihanna (accdg to my sister) sported this drummer boy hat sometime quite-not-so-long ago… It may seem unusual but it can give that certain kick to whatever you’re wearing. Can’t wait to try it one of these days!

Wishing everyone great day! ;)

If only H&M were here

I know we’d all go gaga.

But let’s set aside the dream first and drool over another Russian goddess: Natasha Vojnovic in an H&M Spring 2010 shoot. I’d be more than happy to share a few snapshots of how H&M can. Hypnotize. I just adore their varied and classic collections.

Btw, I have just seen a few of the runway shows of F/W 2010 - 2011 such as Sass & Bide, Zac Posen, and Elie Saab (I can marry in this dress). Tasty, from top to bottom. Yesterday I even imagined myself in this year’s SS 2011 in Paris, even just at the door area of PS’s show… if only dreaming were truth.

I’d like one of em pumps in pink, black, and red please

Credits given to: Fashionising

They try to copy my swagger…

I had about 5 bows in my outfit and not really exaggerating, but they were head to toe! That pink bow headpiece is in Vogue!

My sister and mom have just arrived and I just can’t wait to show you tons of hair accessories, shoes, more accessories, amen amen!

I could go on for days… Anyway visit my site if you want to grab a hold of the stuff I’ve been wearing. I’m so glad I was able to insert this quick post amidst the busy week.

Next week is the week! Please pray for me :(

If only a better photo was taken + my hair lighter! That bow is a beauty! I suggest you go and try the trend :)

Nothing like some florals + nude vest + minimal jewelry for this SS

On location: PBJ bazaaar :>


I loooove you

Had such a great time at your debut dinner. :)

My outfit:

Just had to wear the extensions! So proud of the effect it gave… if only they were made more comfy for everyday use, hahaha.

Ribbon dress - PreLovedParfait
Oxfords - Wild Diva
Vintage bag - PreLovedParfait

I’ll be posting, hoepfully photos of Queenie’s smashing debut at The Establishment last night… I need Ina now to upload! Gaaah, need a new camera :> Just came home from bonding time with my grand family… Miss You Like Crazy is a must-see movie! Almost… almost shed a tear! :(

* more photos in my Facebook account + credits to Rais for the very glamorosa pictures!

Bumbububumbubumbubumbum!! :>

With Raisa my loooove


Hot shooooooes

Can you see the light?

Who said boots were only for winter?

BMS’ Soleil Bazaar: week later I don’t mind :> That day was just plain hot traffic!! Tell me, politicians were everywhere campaigning… nontheless, I braved the streets with this! Amen amen… got sick the night after this hahaha

I missed you both tooooo muuuuuch :(